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E y e l a s h  A p p l i c a t i o n s

How to PROPERLY apply false Eyelashes like a PRO


1. Gently remove lashes from clear tray.  Its very imperative to never peel the lashes from the inner corner off the tray. Peel the lashes from the outer area of the tray because if you bend one section of the lashes on the outer area it doesn't matter due to the fact you're more likely to be trimming them off to fit your eyes. 

2. Measure the lashes to fit your eyes.  Place the strip lash along your lash line to determine whether you need to trim them to perfectly fit the size of your eye. Cut the excessive lashes that hanging over to eliminate irritation and to give you that Flawless natural look. 

3. Next apply lash adhesive of your choice.Place a thin line of adhesive on the vein of the lash from corner to corner. Wait a few seconds until the adhesive become tacky before applying. 

4. Apply the lash where your natural eyelash begins. Look down and with tweezers press the strip lash against the center, the outer edge and inner corner until lash is secured.

5.  NEVER!! Apply Mascara. Mascara will ruin the quality of the hair. Be gentle to your lashes and only apply mascara to your natural lashes if needed. 

6. Look is complete and you're now BEAMerific!


How to PROPERLY remove your Eyelashes like a PRO

1. Wash Your Hands. Always make sure to wash your hands prior to removing your lashes. This can prevent any dirt or debris from.

2. Soak Q-Tip in makeup remover. Take Q-Tip soaked in makeup remover and gently rub the Q-Tip along your lash line. This help the extension slide right off. You may need to repeat this step to dissolve the glue completely.

3. Once Lash is removed wash your face. Once the lashes are free from your face, wash your face with warm water to remove any excess makeup remover. 

**While removing your lashes, be as gentle as when you applied them.


How to PROPERLY care for Eyelashes like a PRO

1. Soak a Q-Tip cotton in makeup remover and swab it along the lashes. Gently run the cotton  from inner tip of the lashes to the outer tip of the lash band. Make sure to remove any  excessive makeup from the lash strip.  

2. Use tweezers to remove any excessive glue.Check the lash strip for any excessive glue. If there's any glue, gently take your tweezers with one hand and pull off the glue. With the other hand, hold the eyelashes with the pads of your fingers. (Note: Be mindful to not pull on the actual lash, this could damage the entire strip band.)

3. Soak a fresh Q-Tip cotton in makeup remover or water..Again. This time you're going to  wiping down the entire eyelash as well as the band. This helps disinfect the strip so you can safely use them again 

4. Comb your lashes with a Clean Disposable Mascara Applicator. This step is very imperative. Combing your eyelashes with a clean disposable mascara applicator will help the lashes to retain their shape. Comb from the top of the band strip to the end of the lash. Gently curling the lash as you comb. 

5. Place your lashes back in the box. Always store your lashes in the original box that it came in. You don't want to store them openly on a counter, dresser top or draw due to the chances of them becoming damage, lost or dirt/debris affecting the usage of the lashes.